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Suspended Platforms

Suspended Platforms

Suspended platforms is a supporting mechanism installed on structure. Platforms are used do the external building work such as glass cladding, painting, plastering, cleaning, maintenance etc. Based on the type of structure platforms can be customised in shape, sizes and capacities. It has many special safety features to take care of application on special structure.

Key Features

  • Anti Tilt
  • Anti Sway
  • Over Load Cut Off

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Technical Specifications –
Model Spider 200 Spider 500 Spider 800 Spider 1000
Max. Travel Height 100 Mtr 200 Mtr 300 Mtr 100 Mtr
Load Carrying Capacity 200 KG 500 KG 800 KG 1000 KG
Length of Platform 1.5 Mtr 2.5 Mtr 7.5 Mtr 10 Mtr
Width of Platform 0.68 Mtr 0.68 Mtr 0.68 Mtr 0.68 Mtr
Counter Weights 25 Kg x 25 Nos 25 Kg x 35 Nos 25 Kg x 40 Nos 25 Kg x 56 Nos
Power 1 x 2.5 HP 2 x 2.5 HP 2 x 2.5 HP 2 X 3 HP
Diameter of Steel Rope 8.6 mm 8.6 mm 8.6 mm 8.6 mm
Weight of Platform 800 Kg 1650 Kg 2000 Kg 2300 Kg

Type of Platforms

90 degree shape

90 Shape

Circular Shape

Circular Shape-compressed

Curve Shape

Curve Shape-compressed

Double Deck

Double Deck-compressed

Key Features

Anti Tilt

Anti Tilt

Anti Sway

Anti Sway

Over Load Cut Off

Over Load Cut Off

Key Parts

Drive Unit

Drive Unit-compressed

Rope Lock Assembly

Rope Lock Assembly-compressed

Wire Rope

Wire Rope-compressed

Control Panel

Control Panely-compressed

Safety Lock

Safety Lock-compressed

Dimension (Line Diagram)

Dimension (Line Diagram) - 1
Dimension (Line Diagram) - 2