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Multipurpose Material Hoist

Multipurpose Material Hoist (MPMH)

This hoist has multiple attachments such as material carrying bucket, 12 meter long rebar carrying arrangement and passenger carrying safety roof. Attachment can be replaced easily as per site requirement. One can carry the four wheel trolleys inside the bucket and save on material handling.

Technical Specifications –
Model MPMH
Attachments Rebar Carrying, Material Bucket
Load Carrying Capacity 1000 KG / 1500 KG
Max. Travel Height 150 Mtr
Type of Mast Square
Mast Size 500 X 500 X 1508
Cage Size Rebar Carrying 12 meter long Material Bucket
Travel Speed 0~30 Mtr. / Min.
Motor Power 2 X 7.5 HP(5.5 kw)3ph
Anchoring Distance 1.5 meter C / C
Frequency Drive Provided
Type of Power Supply 3 Phase, 410 volts, 50 Hz
material hoist.152