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Speedo Curve

Speedo Curve

This elevator is designed to operate on inclined or curve structure. The cabin of the lift remains in vertical position at any position during the travel. Lift can be used for application likes, Natural Draft Cooling Tower, Bridge Piers, Chimneys, Hill Slopes, Temple Top etc.

Optional Special Feature-

  • PLC based Floor Calling System

Applications –

  • Bridge Pier
  • Cooling Tower
  • Ports
  • Dams
  • Construction on Sloping Areas
  • Wells
Technical Specifications –
Model Speedo Curve
Cage Single
Load Carrying Capacity 1500 KG
Max. Travel Height 300 Mtr
Type of Mast Rectangular
Mast Size 650 X 650 X 1508
Cage Size 2500 X 1300 X 2206
Travel Speed 0~40 Mtr. / Min.
Motor Power 2 X 15 HP(11 kw)3ph
Anchoring Distance 4.5 meter C / C
Frequency Drive Provided
Type of Power Supply 3 Phase, 410 volts, 50 Hz
Speedo Curve